2021 Season of Giving Recap

2021 Season of Giving Recap

Starting a food service business during a pandemic may be one of hardest, yet most rewarding, things that I’ve ever done. I’ve learned that food has a special power to bring joy in tough situations. Though it’s not a complete answer in most cases, food can provide temporary relief in times of need to help brighten someone’s day.

Our Season of Giving is designed to identify and provide meals for families in need each holiday season. In the past, we’ve primarily done everything in house but with our expanded meal prep capabilities and delivery range, we were able to open the campaign to others to help us spread holiday cheer this season.

Through your generosity by nominating families in need and donating towards meals, this Christmas, we were able to provide over 1,000 meals to a little more than 200 families!

Nominations submitted included families dealing with the heartache of losing infants, small children, and young spouses leaving little ones behind, individuals battling cancer, and others dealing with the pains caused by COVID, among other abuse, divorce, financial, and life hardships. The need in our community is real and a little help goes a long way.

We have had many of these families or those connected to a family reach out. We’d like to share just a few of the messages that we’ve received to show the impact that we had together and encourage you to continue to give.

“Dear wonderful people!  My heart is full of gratitude for you. I found out today that you dropped off five wonderful meals to my son last week. I personally did not know how bad the situation was regarding food. My son told me today that they had $31 dollars left for the month and then the meals came.  They were able to celebrate their sons birthday with one of the meals.  I can not thank you enough for your generosity and kindness. I have been tearful all day.  One never knows why people are in difficult situations. Thank you for not judging him and helping. You are so so so kind and thank you!”

"I wanted to write and say thank you for your generosity. The family I nominated for your free meals received theirs yesterday. I was so happy to see her post this morning. She was very excited and grateful. Thank you for all the good you do. ❤️❤️"

"My sister is one of your lucky recipients and she is extremely grateful. You are bringing a little light during a really hard time. Thank you so much. 💕

How do we continue to give?

There are countless ways to serve but if you do need help, Beehive Meals makes giving easy with our pre-assembled freezer meals. Simply share one of the meals within your own delivery. The meals are easy to give frozen for the family to cook on their own time or feel free to go the extra mile and cook it for them to provide a warm meal. 

Help us to continue to make a difference in the lives of those around us and our local community this coming year and beyond!

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