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Freezer meals prepped and delivered.

Family dinner has never been easier with pre-assembled meals from Beehive Meals.

Make family dinner a priortity.

The best way to feed your family all month long.

Check out this month's menu.

Ten meals prepped, sealed, and delivered. Our menu rotates each month so be sure to catch the latest!

Take the busy work out of family dinner.

Let our team of busy bees do the prep for you.

Delivering from Ogden to Provo.

Reserve your next delivery date today!

How it works:

Beehive Meals is a women-owned and operated business with the mission to make family dinner a priority by removing the busy work from the preparation.

We provide pre-assembled crockpot-ready freezer meals and deliver them straight to your front door.

To order, reserve the next available delivery date within your county. We'll then prepare the meals, freeze them in vacuumed packaged bags for easy storage, and deliver them to you on your reserved date.

All you need to do is throw the meal in your crockpot, maybe add a side or two, and then enjoy with your family!

Customer Reviews

We have ordered from Beehive Meals 3 times and love it! I just starting working 40 hours a week as a nurse about 2 months ago and it has helped me so much. I don’t need to worry about dinner, and my kids like the meals too. I also have taught my 12 year-old daughter how to use the crock pot. it is so easy! Love this company!

I am so glad I discovered these meals a few months ago! I love the convenience of throwing them in the crock pot in the morning. My afternoons and evenings are crazy with chauffeuring different kids to different places. On those days when no one is home at the same time, they can all have a warm, filling meal no matter what time they get home. I love the variety and the flavors. My daughter is dying to have the enchilada soup again because that was her favorite dinner! She divided up the leftovers into single portions to heat up when she would get home from dance at 9:30 pm.

Having high-quality prepared meals in the freezer is a game changer. I am a busy mom. Sometimes these meals are on the weekly schedule. Sometimes they come to my rescue. Either way, heading to my freezer is less expensive than take-out food, better for my family and tastes like home cooking... It’s honestly exciting when we discover new meals my family loves.

Our family has absolutely loved having this service. I don’t cook much anyway. I have tried other freezer meal plans, but nothing compares to [Beehive Meals]! Nothing! My whole family loves each meal... We ordered the service before we had even heard of COVID and I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have all of these meals in my freezer when the quarantine began. They now come delivered to my door every month! They drop it in my cooler on the porch and I put them away at my convenience! They have been so good to work with and we recommend them to EVERYONE!!

Best meals ever! My husband told me I should stop cooking and just buy her meals from now on that's how good and delicious they are!

These meals are delicious & perfect for a busy evening! There have been so many Honeybee Beehive meals that my family has loved, it is hard for us to choose a favorite! I just signed up for the monthly subscription & I am so excited to have delicious meal choices for my family each month! I actually get excited to see each month's new menu!

I have LOVED every meal I've had! Even better - my kids have loved them too! Finally, dinners my whole family will eat. I've tried other freezer meal companies this is the only and one the everyone enjoys!

Every meal we have had has been delicious and easy. The portions are perfect for our family and It is so nice to not have to think about what to make for dinner anymore. We’ve been able to cook many of our meals In our instant pot. Service is excellent and always on time. I’ve been telling everyone I know that they must try it!