Allyse Answers: Questions on Freezer Meals

Allyse Answers: Questions on Freezer Meals

[Volume 1] This blog post is part of an ongoing series designed to answer some of the most frequent questions we receive at Beehive Meals. For any additional questions you may have, please reach out to our Customer Experience Team at

In a world of busy schedules, packed calendars, and endless to-do lists, finding the time to cook a delicious and nutritious meal every night can feel like an impossible feat. It’s no wonder that freezer meal delivery services like Beehive Meals have become a lifeline for many households. But as the popularity of these services grows, so does the curiosity surrounding them. How does it all work, and can it truly simplify your life while keeping your taste buds satisfied?

We sat down with Beehive Meals Founder and CEO, Allyse Jackson, to demystify the world of freezer meals by addressing some of the most commonly asked questions.

Whether you’re a seasoned freezer meal aficionado or just dipping your toes into the convenience of pre-assembled freezer meals, we’ve got you covered. From understanding the ordering process to the nitty-gritty details of slow cooking and storage, we’ll provide you with the insights you need to make the most of your Beehive Meals order. Consider this your go-to resource for all things freezer meal delivery.

What is a freezer meal?

Freezer meals is a common meal prep term used when people batch prep a whole bunch of meals at once to store in their freezer at a later time. Typically a freezer meal consists of the base of the meal or the protein along with the sauce or spice. When ready you’d then cook it in a slow cooker and add a side or two to complete the meal.

Here at Beehive Meals, we take out all the busy work from the prep process to deliver you a  fully pre-assembled, and vacuumed-sealed, set of ten freezers meals directly to your door. Our convenient service helps families save time and money as we handle all the planning, shopping, and prepping without ever having to leave your home.

Why are Beehive Meals so convenient?

Beehive Meals is an award-winning service designed around convenience! Not only do we handle all the prep work but we deliver the meals straight to your front door. The freezer meals are vacuum-sealed meaning that they’re able to last more than six months when stored properly so they’re easy to keep on hand for when you need them.

When you’re ready to cook one, simply remove it from the packaging, place it in your slow cooker on low, then add a side or two to complete the meal and enjoy with your family! Easy peasy!

Are Beehive Meals affordable?

When I started Beehive Meals, I wanted our service to be an easy decision for families. Our goal is to be comparable to what you’d spend on the ingredients at the grocery store but without the pain and time spent on planning, shopping, or preparing the meals.

With servings starting as low as $3.03, Beehive Meals is the best way to beat the rising costs of inflation. We are committed to value! Through our service, you can easily feed a family of any size without breaking the bank.

Are your meals customizable?

Yes! One of the very best ways that we differentiate ourselves from other meal delivery services is through the ability to customize your meal or serve it as you or your family like it best! We don’t force you to follow a specific recipe which allows our customers the ability to feel like their own chef.

As we primarily provide the base or the protein, this allows you to customize how you want. For instance, many meals can be served over rice or pasta or as tacos. Or maybe mix it up as a salad, panini, or pizza. As a good example, you can serve our BBQ Chicken as sandwiches served with chips or change it up with a BBQ Chicken Salad, Wrap, or Pizza. Serve our Carne Asada as tacos one night and leftover nachos the next. The choice is yours!

Is Beehive Meals for you?

YES! Our freezer meals can be good for anyone. Whether you’re a busy parent struggling to keep up, an older individual that’s just tired of prepping for yourself, or a newlywed couple that’s still learning how to cook, our convenient service is designed to help make dinner time easier for you.

Our meals are designed to help you to ‘skip steps’ during the cooking process, which gives you more time to do the things you’d rather be doing.

What should you expect on your first delivery?

After you reserve your delivery date at, our team of busy bees then go-to-work to prepare and deliver your order on the day of your scheduled delivery date. Each set is delivered in a refrigerated vehicle along with a Beehive Meals branded cooler bag to ensure the meals are kept at a safe temperature throughout the delivery process.

Our freezer meals come in a set of ten based on the current monthly menu you ordered. We currently offer three main monthly menus; our family-style, gluten-free, and macro-balanced menus as well as two seasonal menus; our soup menu and grill box. Each of these menus rotate monthly to make sure there is plenty of variety!

What slow cooker do you recommend?

While I do have my favorites, I first want to point out that our meals will work in any slow or pressure cooker, you may just need to adjust cooking times depending on the brand, age, or size as each unit cooks just a little bit differently.

We personally cook all of our meals in this InstantPot but on the slow cooker function. I personally like having new equipment that has more updated functionality such as the ‘Keep Warm’ button that allows me to set it and forget it knowing that I can set my cook time and it will automatically switch over to keep warm, keeping it at safe temperatures and warm until dinner time.

What are the benefits of being on subscription?

Beehive Meals offers a monthly subscription that guarantees your delivery each month (as sometimes we accidentally forget to place that order). In addition, subscription customers receive 10% off their order and free delivery meaning extra savings on top of our already economical pricing.

A Beehive Meals subscription is the best way to feed your family without having to break the bank!

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