Are Slow Cookers Good to Use in the Summer?

Are Slow Cookers Good to Use in the Summer?

We tend to think of slow cookers as a cold weather appliance as it tends to be connected to soul-warming soups and comfort foods, but there are so many benefits to using it in the summer as well. Some would argue it’s even more essential during the hot months.

Here are six reasons as to why you should slow cook your way through summer:

1) Convenience and Time-savings

You have better things to do than spend your summer in the kitchen. The convenience of slow cooker meals allows you to spend more time enjoying summer activities. Get out and play knowing a home-cooked meal will be waiting for you! 

2) It Won’t Heat Up Your Home

During the dog days of summer, we’d tend to try to avoid adding any extra heat to the home by cooking less on the oven and stove. Slow cookers (and pressure cookers) won’t warm up your kitchen allowing you to still enjoy that home-cooked meal. It’s hot enough outside so let’s keep it as cool as possible inside.

3) More Cost Effective

Slow cookers will help you save money both inside and outside the home. This small appliance is much more energy-efficient than your oven and stove, while also keeping your AC bill down by not heating up your home. In addition, by staying in and not eating out, you’ll also be able to better manage your food budget.

4) Less Clean-up

Keep it simple as meals prepared with a slow cooker tend to lead to less dishes.

5) Easy Potlucks Meals

Summer is full of gatherings where you may need to bring something to add to the party. Be ready! Slow cooker meals are easy to transport and can easily be kept warm until mealtime.

6) Enjoy Summer Classics

The slow cooker is known for cooking some of summer’s favorites meals (ie. BBQ pulled pork, sloppy joes, etc.). Beehive Meals offers monthly menus that match the season so that you and your family can enjoy some of your favorite dishes all summer long. 

Visit to learn more about our meal prep and delivery services and how we can help you and your family prioritize family dinner this summer.

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