Cozy Up with Beehive Meals Soups

Cozy Up with Beehive Meals Soups

It’s hard to imagine anything cozier than a bowl of soup on a cool evening. Whether it’s a hearty chili on an autumn night while the leaves fall or a loaded cheesy potato soup in the middle of winter to warm you from the inside out, soups were made for the cooler months.

Maybe someone in your house isn’t sold on soups (gasp!). Maybe there’s someone who thinks it’s a side not an entree (yeah, those people exist). We’re here to help you find new ways to love soups more than ever, with tips and tricks for serving, companion foods, and making this the coziest soup season yet.

Soups for days

When someone says the word soup you probably have a distinct image or smell come to mind. Maybe it’s your Mom’s chicken noodle soup, ready to help you feel better after a day of sniffles. Or maybe it’s a good old-fashioned New England Clam Chowder, served in a thick mug after a day wandering the fall foliage. There are a lot of different soups out there, or foods that fall into the general definition of soup. Here are the three main types of soup:

  • Thin soups. Usually clear—chicken noodle soup would fall into this category.
  • Thick soups. Chowders, potage, and bisques all fall into this category. 
  • Cold soups. Gazpacho is one of the most common (a Spanish-style soup made from tomatoes and other veggies, served cold). 

There are also other foods that we might think of as soups, including:

  • Chili. There’s a million types of chili out there, and we love them all. Whether it’s a white chili with chicken or a traditional beef, chili is the meal of fall gatherings.
  • Stews. Meat and veggies slowly cooked to perfection in a delicious broth. These are very hearty soups, far thicker than a broth soup.

Tips and tricks for serving soup

While there’s nothing wrong with placing a pot of soup on the table and calling that dinner, we like to jazz ours up just a little bit. Here are some great sides to add to the table:

  • Cornbread. Especially with honey butter! Yum!
  • Rolls. Need a quick and easy recipe? Check this one out
  • Veggie tray. While a lot of soups are packed with vegetables, it’s also nice to have something cold on the table to provide contrast. 
  • Salad. Whether it’s a green salad, a fruit salad, or a Greek salad, pairing salad with soup is a time-honored tradition. 
  • Sandwiches. Speaking of matches made in heaven, a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup? Our mouths are watering already. But branch out a little: make paninis or quesadillas. Want some more ideas for soup and sandwich pairings? Here’s 16 favorites.
  • Charcuterie. If you’re hosting a gathering, this is a wonderful way to add all different types of toppings or sides that fit everyone’s tastes. Crackers, fruits, cheeses, and different spreads are a great way to go. If it’s just your family, make a small board of different crackers and cheeses to help keep the kids happy. 

    Cozy up with Beehive Meals

    Soup season really is a mood. Whether it’s a crisp autumn evening after raking thousands of leaves outside, or maybe a thick stew that sticks to your ribs after a snowy day, soup is the icing on the top of a great day. But soup season often coincides with the busiest time of year: school is back in session, and the holidays are in full swing. You don’t want to sacrifice the taste and warmth of a good soup just because you’re running around to football practice or Christmas pageant rehearsals—and you don’t have to. 

    Here at Beehive Meals, we’ve taken soup season to the next level with our Soup Menu. Ten tried and true recipes for delicious soups, with different flavor profiles, are delivered to your door, ready to be popped in your slow cooker to percolate till you’re ready to eat. Prepared as freezer meals, you can space them out over the month or have soup every night for ten days! You have little to no work to do in order to sit down to a delicious bowl of soup with your family, cozied up next to the fire, or outside enjoying the weather with family and friends. 

    Make this soup season the coziest yet, and order your set of Beehive Meals soups this year. Be sure to tag us on social media when you set the cozy scene for your family!


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