February 2023 | Dinner Planning with Allyse

February 2023 | Dinner Planning with Allyse

If you’re unsure of where to begin with meal planning, we’re here to help. In fact, we have a few resources that we use on the daily (weekly and monthly) that we’d love to share with you. 

When Allyse, our founder, sits down at the beginning of the month to plan her own family’s meals, she uses two things: a month calendar and a weekly template. Every dinner for the month gets plugged into the calendar, keeping schedules and vacations in mind, so she can plan ahead. 

Allyse has now shared her dinner plans for February 2023! You’re more than welcome to follow along (or eat-along) with Allyse throughout the month. Be sure to follow us on Instagram as Allyse will be sharing tips and tricks specific to cooking with this month’s menu. 

Allyse's February Dinner Plan
(click to download)

Dinner plans by week:

Make it your own

Keep in mind that Allyse may be trying to feed a different family size than yours and currently has a family of five with three of them being smaller mouths (six, four, and two year old). While her family typically uses our Smaller Portions (3-4 servings) freezer meals, she’s begun to use the Regular Portions (5-6 servings) with the purpose to create a second meal from the leftovers. #loveyourleftovers 

Our goal in sharing Allyse’s dinner plans isn’t so much for you to follow exactly but to find inspiration to use with your own dinner plan. “Teach a man to fish.” So, in addition to Allyse’s monthly and weekly plans, we have prepared multiple editable meal plans for you to create your own. They can be downloaded here:

Dinner plans by week:
Our goal at Beehive Meals is to 'take the busy work out of family dinner' and hope that you find these resources useful! With a rotating monthly menu, we always have great meals available for your family to enjoy. To reserve your next delivery, visit our locations page by clicking here.

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