How much does it really cost to feed your family?

How much does it really cost to feed your family?

According to BLS statistics, the average American household eats $8,169 each year with $4,643 of food at home and $3,526 of food away from home.

Unlike bigger expenses such as a mortgage or car payment, food costs can be easy to miss as they come daily in smaller increments. Only those that stay on top of their finances will notice just how fast those trips to the grocery store and restaurant add up.

Understanding your options

In today’s modern world, we have a lot of choices when it comes to food (ie. grocery shopping and homemade meals, local fast food, fast casual, casual, or fine dining restaurants and pre-assembled meal kits).

Cost of Homemade Meals

Spending the time to plan, shop, meal prep, and cook will always be your most cost-efficient food option. On average cooking from home can run less than $3.00 per serving.

So why don’t we always pick this choice? The three reasons we hear the most are that we don’t have the time, we don’t know how, and we don’t enjoy cooking.

Cost of Eating Out

Americans love to eat out! As mentioned previously, the average household already spends more than $3,500 eating away from the home. Though it’s an easy and quick option, eating out is by far the least cost-efficient option available to us.

Restaurants fall into different segments based on certain criteria but we we’re able to collect rough estimates on what you can expect to spend at each option per person.

  • Fast Food - $6.00 (Chick-fil-a, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.)
  • Fast Casual - $12.00 (Café Rio, Zupas, etc.)
  • Casual - $14.00 (Red Robin, Sizzler, Olive Garden, etc.)
  • Fine Dining - $20.00+ (Specialty Restaurants, Steakhouses, Teppanyaki, etc.)

Cost of Beehive Meals

When we first started Beehive Meals, our Founder, Allyse, wanted our meals to be sold at a price that families could immediately recognize their value. We believe that we have done that.

At an average price of $3.12, our cost per serving is comparable to the Cost of a Homemade meal. Especially, once you factor in the time saved from meal prep, shopping, and cooking. All you need to do is throw the meal in your crockpot, maybe add a side or two, and then enjoy with your family!

Let Beehive Meals take the busy work out of family dinner for you. In addition to the reasonable price per serving, our meals are designed to help simplify our already busy lives.

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