Let’s Connect: Follow Beehive Meals on Social Media

Let’s Connect: Follow Beehive Meals on Social Media

Remember the days when the only way to keep in touch with friends was to send them a letter? …Yeah, we don’t either. With social media literally in our pockets and at our fingertips, the ability to stay connected is better than ever before. Here at Beehive Meals, we’re big fans of connection. That’s one of the reasons we started Beehive Meals in the first place — to connect with our family and friends through food. 

We want to give you every opportunity to connect with us, too. So, why not follow us on social media? 

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We promise not to fill your feed with spam. In fact, our social media accounts are full of tips and tricks, as well as special offers. Here’s what you can expect from our Facebook and Instagram pages:

  • What’s on the menu? We love to release our menus ahead of time on both Facebook and Instagram. If you’re curious what will arrive on your doorstep next month, the first place you’ll see the list is online. Be prepared to have your mouth watering next time you scroll through Instagram. 
  • Promotions. Promotions and giveaways are one of our top reasons to be on social media in the first place, and we’re all about joining in. You can find discount codes, giveaways we’re participating in, and holiday specials on our pages. 
  • Tips and tricks. If you’re a first time slow cooker user, then checking out our social media pages is a great way to learn the tricks of the trade. We post cooking time suggestions, hacks for getting that sauce oh-so-creamy, and suggestions for using other methods of cooking (like pressure cookers). 
  • Lists for days. If you’re type A like some of us here at Beehive Meals, having a list already made for your grocery run is **two thumbs up**. Check out our highlights on Instagram for grocery lists for each month’s menu, so we can take even more work off your plate (and put food on it!). 
  • Make it another way. Allyse loves a good menu mixup: taking one meal and making it ten different ways. If you scroll through our Instagram or Facebook, you’ll get all sorts of ideas to mix up your meals every week. 
  • Friends…with meal benefits. The Beehive Meals community is a food and family loving group that we love to be part of. You can connect with us and other people in your neighborhood who love Beehive Meals just as much as you do. 
  • Share your experience. We've been incredibly blessed with a community willing to post pictures, stories, and reels about their experience. Tag @beehivemeals with anything you post so that we can re-share it on our own accounts!

Click “friend” and follow!

We’d love to be friends with you on social media. You can check us out on Instagram and Facebook, with tips, tricks, and photos of delicious food (yum!) that you can have delivered to your doorstep every month. 

We can’t wait to connect!

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