Monthly Subscriptions Are the Best: Here’s Why

Monthly Subscriptions Are the Best: Here’s Why

We love our monthly subscription option at Beehive Meals. It saves you time, money, stress, and eliminates the “dang it, I forgot…” when you look in your freezer or pantry. Honestly, that’s the whole point of freezer meals, isn’t it? When you choose a monthly subscription with Beehive Meals, you’re getting all the benefits of freezer meals delivered to your door every month. 

Five benefits of a monthly subscription

We have a long list of reasons why choosing a monthly subscription is the best, but after a few conversations and asking around, we’ve narrowed it down to five. Here’s what people are saying:

  1. Guaranteed monthly delivery. All right, this seems obvious — but if you subscribe, you know you’ll have those meals on time and in your freezer every month. There’s no such thing as forgetting to order (been there, done that) and then being up the creek without a paddle when you have meals to make for your busy family. Also, it’s the worst to look at the monthly menu and see your favorites and realize you missed the boat…don’t let that happen!
  2. Save a little money per meal. Subscribers automatically save 10% on their orders. Yup. You read that right. By clicking subscribe, you save time, stress, and money, all in one. Freezer meals are already a great way to save a bit on your monthly budget, and subscribing adds a little more change to your pocket.
  3. Free delivery. This goes hand-in-hand with benefit number two, but did you know that we wave the delivery fee for subscriptions? That’s another 5-10 dollars saved each month. Think of all the Sodalicious trips you can take with that…
  4. Plan ahead. We like to release our rotating monthly menus ahead of time, so you can start planning your month right away. Meal planning is part of our DNA at Beehive Meals, so we totally understand wanting to get a jump start on the month. If you subscribe, you’ll know ahead of time what’s going to arrive on your porch, so prepping for those busy weekdays will be a cinch. On that note, if you know ahead of time what meals are going to arrive, you can look ahead at all the options and various ways of serving our meals, too.  
  5. Share the Beehive Meals love. Subscriptions are a great way to make meals for your family, and they’re also a super easy way to serve those you love. Did you know Beehive Meals was started after our founder, Allyse Jackson, began serving her neighbors with freezer meals? With a monthly subscription, you’ll know you have a few meals in the freezer you can take to a neighbor, friend, or family member when they’re having a hard time. Whether you prep it ahead of time or simply take them the frozen meal to make at their leisure, it’s one of the easiest and most thoughtful ways to show people you care. 

Subscribe and save now

Choosing a monthly subscription is as easy as one, two, three. Choose your county, your delivery date, and the size of meals you’d like, and you can set up your monthly subscription in just a few minutes. You’ll have a jump start on your month, take a load off your mind, and be ready to feed your family delicious, healthy meals. You can start your monthly subscription with Beehive Meals right here, right now.

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