Show Up Utah + Beehive Meals

Show Up Utah + Beehive Meals

This year, Beehive Meals has teamed up with Show Up Utah, an initiate of Utah First Lady Abby Cox. Show Up focuses on improving the well-being of teachers in Utah, something Beehive Meals is also passionate about. So passionate that Beehive Meals has committed over $250,000 to teachers in 2023. Our partnership with First Lady Abby Cox is just a drop in that bucket, but it’s a vital one.

Getting Started with Show Up Utah

In July, the Beehive Meals team was thrilled to attend the Show Up Utah Conference, where educators across Utah gathered at the Mountain American Expo Center. Show Up Utah aims to provide educators in Utah “the support they need to stay in the classroom and thrive.” At this conference, faculty and staff of Utah schools attended breakout sessions where they learned about educator wellness, focusing on stress, burnout, and trauma that they face in and out of the classroom. 

At the conference. Allyse Jackson, Beehive Meals Founder and CEO, expressed her love and support for everyone in education. “A lot of the work they do goes unnoticed,” Allyse said. And a great way to honor them is to help take the stress of dinner time away from our phenomenal local educators. Beehive Meals pledged $50,000 worth of freezer meals at the conference, to be given to all faculty and staff at five selected Utah schools. The schools were chosen through a drawing at the conference and were presented with their meals in August. 

On August 24, Beehive Meals and the First Lady visited Escalante Elementary School, where every member of the faculty and staff received a gift and several freezer meals. “We know our teachers are busy,” said First Lady Abby Cox, “we know they’re overwhelmed, we know that they’re feeling underappreciated. We love that Beehive Meals recognizes that in our teachers.”

Giving Back to Our Community

In the four years Beehive Meals has been delivering meals, founder Allyse Jackson says the biggest blessing has been the ability to give back to the community. Who better than our teachers? 

“It’s such a blessing to elevate teachers in this way,” First Lady Abby says, and Allyse agrees. 

“We specifically chose teachers,” Allyse says “because we wanted to show our appreciation to them. We understand that the work they do is stressful. We want to do our part to make their day a little easier.”

It’s a joyful moment, they agree, giving these meals and a gift to these teachers and staff throughout our state.

“Beehive Meals is amazing,” the First Lady says. “At Show Up Utah, we want to make sure teachers know that their jobs and their profession are critical to our state. Beehive Meals gets that. Together, we want you to know that you matter!”

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