What’s on the Menu? Our Newest Recipes

What’s on the Menu? Our Newest Recipes

Famed poet William Cowper once wrote, “Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.”

We couldn’t agree more! Even the most delicious meal would eventually become boring and just “meh” if you had to eat it every night. That’s why we rotate our selection of freezer meals every month to create brand-new menus and bring more variety to your dinner table. And, in 2024, we’re taking our priority for variety one step further by setting ourselves the goal of adding two never-before-seen recipes to the Beehive Meals menu every month. That’s twenty-four new recipes for 2024 (see what we did there?)

The Recipe Selection Process

The selection process for a new recipe can be pretty intense. It all starts with an idea — a favorite meal from childhood, something a professional chef whipped up on a cooking show, a viral recipe on Instagram, etc. And not just any recipe will do; it has to meet three criteria:

1. Good flavor – Obviously, it has to taste good. We pride ourselves on providing delicious, savory freezer meals that don’t taste like something you just popped in the microwave for two minutes.

2. Appeals to all ages – Our customers range from busy moms with young children who are picky eaters to elderly couples who find it difficult to spend long hours on their feet cooking in the kitchen. A recipe needs to be something that all ages would be willing and excited to eat for dinner with mild spices that won’t upset sensitive tummies.

3. Well-balanced – Ingredients are very important to us. We only put the very best quality products into our meals, and we’re very conscious of the recipe macros and other health metrics. We do our best to avoid high levels of sodium and high-fat content while still maintaining the best possible flavor.

If a recipe meets all of the above conditions, then comes the hardest part: testing.

Most recipes aren’t already crockpot- and freezer-friendly, so we have to test, tweak, test, adjust, and test again until we’ve developed our own version that will consistently freeze and cook well. This process can be quite time-consuming. For example, one of our newest recipes (Bang Bang Chicken) took 25 tests to find the exact ingredient ratio that would deliver the perfect flavor and consistency.

Our team puts in hours upon hours of research, testing, and preparation to ensure you receive only the very best recipes with the very best ingredients. By the time a recipe reaches our menu, it’s proven itself to be a reliable winner at the dinner table!

Check Out the Newest Items on the Menu

Are you excited about the 24 new recipes we’ll be adding to the menu this year? Here’s a sneak peek of some of our recently released and upcoming recipes:

  • Bang Bang Chicken – Tender shredded chicken cooked in a creamy, sweet Thai chili sauce. Pair it with your favorite stir-fried vegetables and add a few potstickers on the side for a savory meal.
  • Cajun Chicken Alfredo – A spice-infused twist on our classic chicken alfredo, this recipe blends your classic home-cooked pasta with rich cajun flavor. Don’t worry—we’ve balanced the spices perfectly to be mild without losing any of the dish’s flavor.
  • Cheeseburger Mac – Take two great things, put them together and what do you get? An amazing dinner even the pickiest eater will love! Cheeseburger mac is a popular casserole recipe adapted into a slow-cooked meal. It truly is comfort food at its best!
  • Creamy Buffalo Chicken – Picture this: chicken slow-cooked for hours in a smooth, creamy, unforgettable buffalo sauce. Need we say more?
  • Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken – A splash of tropical flavor elevates your typical teriyaki chicken recipe from good to life-changing. After trying this dish, you’ll never look at regular teriyaki chicken the same way again!
  • Korean Egg Roll Bowls – Ground beef, cabbage, and our original Korean sauce…this recipe has all the best parts of an egg roll modified for a slow-cooked, low-maintenance dinner. Egg roll in a bowl anyone?
  • Lasagna Soup – This soup was all the rage across social media, and for good reason— it’s delicious! We created our own slow cooker version of this comfy, cozy lasagna recipe to add to the menu this year and we’re confident you’re going to love it as much as we do.
  • Mississippi Chicken – Have you tried our Mississippi Pot Roast yet? You’ll love this spin-off recipe that delivers the same mouth-watering aromas and meal versatility.

Ready to try some of these new recipes for yourself? Check out the current menu to see which two new recipes will be included in your monthly subscription.

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