Cashew Chicken with Beehive Meals

Cashew Chicken with Beehive Meals

Allyse Jackson, Owner for Beehive Meals fed us this morning and we loved every bite! We saw some of the frozen and already prepared and plated meals this awesome company offers, the cashew chicken and chicken tortilla soup!

This women owned-business founded in September 2019. There’s been huge growth during COVID-19 as families have been eating more at home. Allyse became an expert at freezer meals right before she had her first baby, went into nesting mode and made 60+ meals! It ended up being a lot of food, so she shared with family, friends, and neighbors.

The business began when Alllyse’s husband began to stress about his position with his current job. Allyse woke up one morning, and made a list of things she could do to make money, with freezer meals being one of the ideas on the list. She took to social media to gauge interest, and instantly sold more than she could handle!

Allyse has grown from preparing 120 meals per week to over 3,500 meals. She’s grown to a team of twelve employees, and is currently hiring three more. She started delivering in Davis county, and now delivers from Weber-Utah counties.

COVID has forced all of us inside, however, families can still enjoy a yummy meal together! These meals are prepared using normal ingredients that you would buy at the grocery store to make your own home-cooked meal. Beehive designs meals with the family in mind. The meals are tasty and will please even the pickiest of eaters as our meals are packed with flavor.

Beehive Meals takes the busy work out of family dinner! They do all the prep, vacuum seal the meals for easy storage, and deliver them straight to your door. They offer a rotating menu of ten meals each month starting at $180 for regular portions and $230 for bigger portions. The regular portions feeds 5-6 people with each meal costing $18.00/ meal or roughly $3.00/ serving.

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