Monday with the Mayor

Monday with the Mayor

It's not everyday you get a call from the Mayor's office wanting to schedule a time for the Mayor to stop by your facility. But that's exactly what happened as we were honored to welcome Layton City Mayor Joy Petro into our kitchen this past week to be featured on Monday with the Mayor. 

Mayor Petro was kind enough to spend a few hours with us as she listened to our story, toured our facility, and tasted one one of our favorite meals.

Layton is close to our hearts as both my husband and I grew up in the Layton city having graduated from Northridge and Layton High Schools respectively. When it came to starting a business, returning home was an important part of our plans.

Having Mayor Petro go out of her way to spend a little time with us meant a lot as local resistants and small business owners. What did she have to say about our meal prep and delivery service?

 "It's about that quality of life, that quality time with your family, because you're really taking all that prep time out and you're allowing the folks to be able to have dinner... to sit down and genuinely enjoy a meal with your family, with your kids, and be able to share your day."

Watch the full video above and visit our homepage at to learn more about our meal prep and delivery services and how we can help you and your family prioritize family dinner. 

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