Counting macros has never been easier with pre-assembled freezer meals delivered straight to your front door.

How does it work?

Beehive Meals was created to ‘help take the busy work out of family dinner’ allowing our customers to skip the steps of planning, shopping, and preparing a meal. All that’s left is
to throw the meal in your slow cooker, maybe add a side or two, and then enjoy with your family! 

Our Macro-Balanced meals are designed to include high amounts of proteins, low fats, and fluctuating carbohydrates to allow for flexibility in your meal planning. In addition, we offer an ever-growing list of serving suggestions to help you ideate and customize your meals to fit your daily macronutrient needs.

The meals are designed to feed both you and your family so you no longer have to prepare something separate for youself and family (or you can save by doubling up with leftovers!) Many of our family favorites have been updated to include at least 25% more protein to allow for more macro-balanced options.

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