Sloppy Joes Cornbread Bake

Our delicious Sloppy Joes topped with delicious and fluffy cornbread baked to golden brown perfection. 


Recipe and Ingredients

1 and 1/3 cups
Beehive Meals Sloppy Joes
1/4 boxCornbread Mixture


Step 1:

Follow Slow Cooking instructions according to directions for Sloppy Joes.

Step 2:

Place Beehive Meals Sloppy Joes in glass dish.

In a separate bowl, mix cornbread following instructions on box. Spoon over Sloppy Joes.

Bake until cornbread is golden brown. Enjoy!

MFP: Beehive Meals - Sloppy Joes Cornbread Bake - Family Style