What to expect on your first delivery

We know you look forward to delivery day as much as we do. The anticipation, the excitement, watching at the window…we get it. But have you ever wondered just how delivery day works? Maybe you feel a little awkward when your driver arrives, adorable insulated bag in hand. 

Don’t worry: We’re here for you. Here’s the low down on what you can expect on delivery day. 

Preparing your delivery

The day before your scheduled delivery, the Beehive Meals delivery team arranges all the orders for the next day according to area. Think city and neighborhood, to make our time on the road as efficient as possible. The route manager designates a driver for each area, so the next morning everything operates as smooth as butter. 

Next morning, bright and early, the delivery vans are loaded up with Beehive Meals insulated bags, each stuffed to the gills with delicious freezer meals for your family. First thing, a notification will be sent out via our routing app so you know your meals for the month are on their way. Then, playlist or podcast queued up, the driver gives a happy toot of the horn and leaves our warehouse for a day of deliveries.

Keeping you posted

It’s important to us that you know where your food is and the approximate delivery time. With our notification app, you can expect a text or an email with a link with all sorts of information, including:

• Delivery time frame

• PIN of provided address

• Date of delivery

• Your order number

Also, this super amazing app will automatically update the time frame window based on the driver’s completed deliveries. There’s no guesswork involved; you should know right when your food will be on your porch.

Since we deliver all year round, snow storms or traffic delays can happen. If there is ever some sort of delay due to weather or another emergency, don’t worry. We will notify you immediately. 

Delivery time!

Before you know it (ok, you actually do know it, because of our app), you’ll see our white Beehive Meals delivery van pulling up in front of your house.

You don't have to be be home to receive you're delivery. Your meals have been carefully packaged in an insulated bag that is all for you. Yes! You get to keep it! These handy bags are designed to keep the food at a safe temperature for a few hours, depending on the season, so there’s no need to put a cooler out. If you do decide to put a cooler or something else on your porch, our drivers know to place the food inside it. 

While we can think of a million ways to use the insulated bags, we understand if your collection is getting a little out of hand. Feel free to leave them on your porch on your next delivery day and our driver will take them to recycle at our facility. 

What you can do

We want every delivery to be as smooth and safe as possible, so please make sure you keep your contact information up to date. Gate codes and specific building instructions are always helpful, saving us time when we arrive. 

If you’re home when we arrive, we’d love to hand over our meals in person. And while tipping your driver is never expected, you are welcome to if you like! 

As soon as your meals are on your porch or in your hand, our drivers are off to the next home, delivering Beehive Meal happiness all across Utah, Idaho, Arizona, and Las Vegas Valley 

See you on delivery day!