Take Beehive Meals to Your Next Party

Take Beehive Meals to Your Next Party

Family parties are the best. Spending time with the ones you love, laughing, playing games, celebrating, and—you know it—great food. If you’re frequently “that relative” that brings a bag of chips and drops it on the table, make your mom’s jaw drop at the next family party when you bring something spectacular with Beehive Meals.

Beehive Meals is all about taking back family dinner, whether that’s the people that live under your roof or all those you consider family (the one you’re born into or the one you make). Give your loved ones the gift of delicious food at your next get-together!

Top five meals for lots of guests

Whether you’re attending a potluck dinner or asked to bring a treat for a party, Beehive Meals has got your back. Wow your host or your guests alike with warm, delicious food that they just can’t get enough of. Are you looking for something for the big game on Sunday to feed oodles of fans? Or maybe you have cousins and grandparents over for a celebration?

While just about any one of our dishes can be tailored for a great family or friend party, here are five of our favorite Beehive Meals, morphed to serve buffet style to all your friends and family.

1. Honey Mustard Chicken (GF) — one of our favorite dishes, this sweet and tangy dish can be used in a multitude of ways. Add it to your salad bar for a delicious protein option or stuff it in tortillas with your favorite veggies for a delicious wrap at your next family picnic.

Honey Mustard Chicken also makes for great sandwiches: hot or cold. We love making sliders in the oven with some Hawaiian rolls or make it fancy with a panini maker.

2. Artichoke Chicken — this tender and juicy chicken was originally a family recipe for dip! Cook it in your slow cooker, shred the chicken, then spread it in an oven safe dish with cheese on top and, wha-la! Pair it with your favorite crackers for a fantastic hot dip.

Or maybe Chicken Spinach Puffs are more your style. All it takes is a can or two of crescent rolls, some mozzarella and spinach, and you can set out a tray of sandwiches for your guests to munch on while they play games or visit.

3. Sweet Pork (GF/DF) — one of our most versatile dishes, Sweet Pork can be used for tacos, nachos, or burritos or as a fantastic Southwest salad topping. The next time you’re asked to bring something for a Mexican inspired buffet, Sweet Pork is your friend!

The nachos are one of our favorite options, particularly for game day. Leave the meat in the crockpot and have the rest of your nacho toppings set out beside it, and your favorite fans can grab what they need to cheer on your team.

This year for Superbowl Sunday, we plan on using the Sweet Pork for some delicious sliders. Just add some King’s Hawaiian Rolls, cheese, and a few other toppings and you have a delicious option for your favorite teammates to enjoy.

4. Balsamic Chicken — If you’re hosting the ladies for a GNO, this Balsamic Chicken gives you tons of options. Add it to a sweet berry salad for a bit of protein and tang, or layer it in a pita with your favorite veggies.

5. BBQ Chicken — another fan and family favorite, BBQ Chicken is great to set out for your next family lunch or dinner. You can let it cook all day while you’re at the waterpark, the parade, or even at church for a special event, then come home to something warm and delicious.

Add some rolls on the side, and everyone can enjoy BBQ chicken sandwiches at their leisure.

Do family parties the Beehive Meals way

Are you ready for your next family party? Subscribe with Beehive Meals and you’ll always have something on hand that you can turn into a perfect potluck or salad bar addition. Whether it’s a tangy Balsamic Chicken, the perfect Sweet Pork for nachos, or a Chicken Artichoke dip, your friends and family will be oh-so-impressed with your addition to the fare.

Do you have a Beehive Meal you love to bring to parties? We’d love to hear about it! Tag us on your social media and let us know how you bring Beehive Meals to the party.

Looking for more delicious options to share for the big game on Sunday? Check out what we’re serving here!

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