Tried and True Tools Recommended by Beehive Meals

Tried and True Tools Recommended by Beehive Meals

Has Beehive Meals made your life easier? Made dinner time simpler? Given you back time in your day? Wahoo! That’s what we like to hear. But what if we told you we knew of some gadgets and tools that could make it even easier and simpler? It’s true! Have you ever tried to pry a nail out with a screwdriver? Sure, it’ll work—but it takes forever and can be really difficult. The right tools make any job easier.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite freezer meal accessories including recommended slow cookers, utensils, and other kitchen gadgets that will make your life even smoother. 

Looking for a New Slow Cooker? We’ve Got You Covered

Finding the right slow cooker for your family will make a world of difference. You’ll want to choose one that will last a long time, is easy to clean, and is the right size for your family. Beyond slow cookers, we’ve also found that pressure cookers work really well for our meals. If you don’t have tons of space, pressure cookers also have a slow cook function. Huzzah!

Crock-Pot — This slow cooker holds 6 quarts and is programmable for the number of hours you need to cook. One of the top rated slow cookers on Amazon, this one should fit the bill for most households.

Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker — While the name is a mouthful, this machine has as many functions as its name suggests. You can use it as a slow cooker for Beehive Meals or, if you’re forgetful, the pressure cooking method also works for most meals (be sure to read the directions on how long to cook each meat type!). Nearly 67,000 people have rated this product on Amazon, giving it a whopping 4.7 stars. 

Favorite Tools for Shredding Meat

A lot of our favorite meals require shredding the meat (think BBQ Chicken, Sweet Pork, etc). While you can pull out two forks and get the job done, these tools make it faster and cleaner. Whether you choose meat claws or a hand mixer, make shredding meat much easier with the right tool.

Side Help: Rice Cookers

Rice is a fantastic side option with many of our meals. You can set up a rice cooker with dry rice and some water, and you’ll have perfect rice ready to go when your Beehive Meal is done in the slow cooker. Check out two of our favorites here.

Store Your Leftovers


You know we love our leftovers at Beehive Meals. But storing them in safe, airtight containers is essential. Whether you prefer glass, plastic, or stainless steel, find the right container and leftovers will still be exciting and delicious. 

Keep Your Slow Cooker Clean

Choose slow cooker liners and you’ll never have to worry about scrubbing crusted cheese on the bottom of your crockpot again. Make sure you find the right size for your cooker and save your clean-up-time for family and friends. 

Kitchen Must Haves

While Beehive Meals takes the guesswork out of dinner time, you’ll still want to add a side or two to make it a complete, nutritious meal. Here are some of the kitchen tools we’ve found essential to easy meal prep. With silicone and wood options, you can find the right tools to fit your kitchen (the expandable colander set is one of our favorites!). We also have a few Beehive Meals favorites, including immersion blenders and measuring cups. 

Make Soup Season Cozier

There’s nothing cozier than soup season — especially  if you have the right dishes for your favorite chowders and stews. We love ladles with an option to skim, spoon rests, and beautiful ceramic bowls to serve your family and friends. 

Make Macro Balancing a Breeze

If weighing food to track macros sounds like drudgery, find the perfect scale to make it fun. 

Add-ons for Your Slow Cooker

DId you know you can accessorize your crockpot? We love our lid holders, cord organizers, and heat resistant mats for home. If you’re taking your slow cooker to a potluck, the reusable lid securing strap is the perfect option to keep your dinner safe inside. 

Cleaning Can Be Easy

Keep your slow cooker or pressure cooker clean and save your family from an upset stomach. We pulled together our favorite cleaning brushes, scrubbies, and cleaners that we swear by. 

Mix Up Your Meals

We love hearing about the various ways you serve Beehive Meals to your family. Whether you turn a soup into a pot pie, shredded chicken pressed into a panini, or toss a protein on a homemade pizza, choose the right tool and make every meal taste new. 

Take Your Crockpot on the Road

Are you taking your crockpot on the road? It’s nice to have a carrier to keep everything inside warm and contained. These two crockpot carriers are compatible with lots of slow cookers. 

Allyse’s Favorites

Our founder, Allyse, gave us a list of her favorite tools and gadgets for the kitchen. From digital scales and reusable containers, to her favorite water bottle and an awesome fridge calendar to plan your meals every month, you’ll find you want everything on this list, too. 

Find Your Favorites

Remember — with the right tool, any job is easier. Our goal is to make dinner time simple and smooth, which is why we took the time to put this list together. You can find all of these tools on Let us know what you pick!

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