Part of the Beehive Meals Family: Aubrey Christensen

Part of the Beehive Meals Family: Aubrey Christensen

We take a lot of pride in our work environment. We prioritize family, life, and working hard. We like to have fun and give back to our community—we’re a family, really. If you’re curious about how things run here at Beehive Meals, you’re in for a treat: we’ve interviewed some of our Beehive Meals team members to find out what their experience is like working for us.

Q&A with Our General Manager

We sat down with one of our favorite people to find out what it’s like to work at Beehive Meals. Aubrey Christensen is the General Manager of Beehive Meals here in Utah. She’s been with us for three years (since September 2020), which is a big chunk of Beehive Meals’ life! That means she’s quite the expert.

What first drew you to Beehive Meals?
My sister-in-law worked for Beehive Meals, and I was looking for something part time, just in the evenings. She told me they needed someone at night to prepare for the next day, get labels ready, and create delivery routes. I was super excited for this schedule, since, at the time, I had four kids, four years and under.

What do you love about working for Beehive Meals? 
I love the people I work with! I always tell people this when I bring up my job: I have the best team. Each person works so hard, has incredible talent, and is really fun. 

I also love what we produce. As a mom of four, I don’t always have time to prepare dinner. It’s so easy to throw something in the slow cooker, and when I get home, my family has a hot dinner ready. 

Oh, and small business for the win! They care for individuals and how we can work together to get everything done. But we have definitely grown since I first started here in 2020. It’s not always easy to change and adjust with growth, but as Allyse (our owner!) says: “We’ll figure it out.” That’s something I’ve taken on as well.

What are your overall career goals? Where does Beehive Meals come in? 
I’d love to see our team grow and expand, bringing in new plans and processes to make us even more efficient. That’s my biggest goal, and I can’t wait to see what we come up with! Beehive Meals is in my long term plan; seeing the growth over three years has been so exciting. I have so much respect for the owners, management, and my whole team—I want to be here and see us grow even more!

Tell us about something funny that happened at work…
During Halloween one year, someone brought in a scary doll, and we placed it inside one of the walk-in freezers and turned off the lights. We told the office manager to go in there and check something out … she totally freaked out and screamed. We couldn’t stop laughing!

What do you admire about Beehive Meals? 
I love how we work as a team. Each day there is a ton to do, but we can lean on each other with ideas, plans, and execution—that’s what makes it so great!

On top of that, Beehive Meals is such a giving place. Our Season of Giving during the holidays is so amazing. It’s a time for us to give back while involving the community of Beehive Meals to nominate those in need. I love how we share the stories of those who were nominated with our team, so they see the amazing thing they are a part of: making meals for someone who can’t. It’s so, so cool.

If there was one thing you could change about working here, what would it be? 
I’d love a pink employee shirt. Black is great, I totally get that it helps with messes and stains. But pink is so much fun! **hint hint**

If someone told you they wanted to work for Beehive Meals, what would you say? 
You need to apply! It’s fun, fast, and exciting. Creating in this environment is great—you won’t regret it.

If you’re ready to work for Beehive Meals, apply today!

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