Part of the Beehive Meals Family: Carley Adams

Part of the Beehive Meals Family: Carley Adams

We take a lot of pride in our work environment. We prioritize family, life, and working hard. We like to have fun and give back to our community—we’re a family, really. If you’re curious about how things run here at Beehive Meals, you’re in for a treat: we’ve interviewed some of our Beehive Meals team members to find out what their experience is like working for us.

Today, we chatted with Carley Adams, our Assistant Production Manager at Beehive Meals. She’s been with us for just under two years and is an essential part of our team. We can’t wait for you to meet her!

Q&A with Our Assistant Production Manager

What brought you to Beehive Meals?
I first heard about Beehive Meals after my family started ordering from them. We loved the meals and ate them frequently. Then, one day, I was job searching and saw Beehive Meals on Indeed—I immediately applied!

Tell us about what you do on a daily basis at work.
An average day of work for me means overseeing all of production. I make sure all teams on prep are running smoothly and support the supervisors and employees with anything they need. I’m also in charge of all the ordering for production. This includes ordering ingredients from different suppliers and making sure we have enough to get through prep day.

What do you love about your job with Beehive Meals?
Number one is our culture. Beehive Meals is focused on providing a positive and motivating atmosphere, where everyone is friendly and supportive. There’s a lot of open communication, and we feel free to express our thoughts and ideas openly, ask questions, and provide feedback to each other (it’s all respectful and constructive!).

There’s so much opportunity for growth here. I started out on prep, moved into a lead position, became a prep-team supervisor, then moved on to supervise the support time, and now I’m the assistant production manager—all in less than two years!

One word to describe the team at Beehive Meals:
PASSION! Not only is Beehive Meals very passionate about providing an excellent product (starting from high quality ingredients, prepping and freezing them properly, and paying attention to every detail from production to delivery), but they’re also passionate about us, their employees. They inspire us all to reach new heights!

Tell us about the work/life balance….
Beehive Meals is very family oriented. We value work-life balance and foster a sense of belonging with the team. They prioritize us as professionals and employees, but also our personal lives. Everyone is encouraged to have time for family, hobbies, and self-care, while also having the ability to excel in our jobs.

What are your career goals? Where do you see yourself in the future?
When I first started with Beehive Meals, I was going to college at Weber State with no idea what I wanted to do. I changed my major three times, and I still wasn’t sure what was right for me. Once I started moving up in the company and working in more supervisory positions, I realized that I love building people up! I love watching all our employees grow and investing my time in helping them.

I want to stay here and keep working on that—these are my people! I feel like my family is here.

What’s a highlight of working at Beehive Meals?
We always have fun at work. We celebrate Fun Friday every week, go to the Bees Baseball games together, and have an awesome Christmas party (murder mystery puzzles!).

I also loved attending the Best of State Gala. It was so fun getting all dressed up and seeing everyone without the hairnets. Believe it or not, but all the girls here have very luscious hair! And it was so fun seeing all our hard work pay off and be recognized.

What’s something you admire about Beehive Meals as a company?
I love seeing all the donations Beehive Meals does. They donate to foster families, schools, and a nonprofit organization called Heavenly Hearts. During the holiday season, families are nominated to our Season of Giving where we then deliver meals to them. I love working with a company that provides so much support to our community.

Let’s say a friend wants to work for Beehive Meals. What would you say?
Apply! You definitely will not regret it. I have learned so much while working here, things I will use throughout my entire career. And the lifelong friendships are some I will cherish forever.

If you’re ready to work for Beehive Meals, apply today!

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