2022 Season of Giving Recap

2022 Season of Giving Recap

We all know someone that it is going through difficult times and in need of extra love and support. While we don’t have the answers for all of life’s burdens, it is important that we reach out to provide help in the ways that we can. 

Since our founding in 2019, we have strived to be active within the community by giving back through meal delivery donations in various ways throughout the year. We have found that there is a power in food that can uplift and provide temporary relief in life’s hard situations.

Our annual Season of Giving campaign is designed to identify and provide meals for local families in need each holiday season. Common nominations include families mourning the loss of loved ones, battling sickness (cancer), recovering from life-changing accidents, working through marital hardships, or just trying to make ends meet. The need in our community is real and a little help goes a long way. 

For the 2022 holiday season, and with the help of our customers through nominations, we were able to identify and provide over 1,500 meals to more than 300 families

Thank you to all those that participated in our 4th Annual Season of Giving. This campaign becomes emotional for our team as we reach out to each recipient to finalize delivery details. Your nominations have had a great impact to those within our local community and express our gratitude in helping us to make an impact this year.

How do we continue to give?

There are countless ways to serve but if you do need help, Beehive Meals makes giving easy with our pre-assembled freezer meals. Simply share one of the meals within your own delivery. The meals are easy to give frozen for the family to cook on their own time or feel free to go the extra mile and cook it for them to provide a warm meal. 

Please help us to continue to make a difference in the lives of those around us this upcoming year!

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