Allyse recognized by Utah Business as a 20 in their 20s

Allyse recognized by Utah Business as a 20 in their 20s

Beehive Meals Founder and CEO, Allyse Jackson, was announced today as 20 in their 20s by Utah Business. This is an annual award given to Utah’s top twenty-somethings that are starting their own businesses, raising through the ranks of existing ones, and recreating the world in their own image. 

Join us in congratulating Allyse on this high recognition and honor as we look forward to seeing what she can do next with this amazing company!

Questions asked by Utah Business of Allyse Jackson.  

Who inspires you? Why? 

Local female entrepreneurs. Women that have found success in industries typically run by men.

I’m especially impressed by many of our local female business owners that are also moms. As a mother to three young children, I look to these successful women as inspiration that I too can juggle all the good things happening in my life. One of my favorite experiences is when I was asked, “how many nannies do you have?” Zero. One would be nice but should have multiple?

There are many women in our state that are paving the way for young entrepreneurs like myself.

Where do you want to be or what do you want to be doing in 10 years?

While many in the food industry struggled during the pandemic, we were able to identify a real need and capitalize on the opportunity by making family dinner as easy as possible. The foundation has been laid and we believe that we are just getting started.

We are currently only serving Northern Utah. The next ten years will be about growth and national expansion. We anticipate being able to grow from a local brand into a nationwide household name, something that the state of Utah will be proud of.

What does success look like to you?

Our impact through providing food is how we measure success. Whether it’s through making our customer’s lives easier or by providing meals to those in need, the good we do through our meals is what we focus on.

Success to me is in having the resources to make an impact within our community. When I say resources, many don’t automatically think of food as one but we’ve found that it’s extremely impactful. Food isn’t the answer to every problem, but it can provide temporal relief for someone going through a difficult time. This is the best part of owning a food business, being able to have the resources available to help feed families when needed.

What advice do you have for other Gen Z/Millennials?

Years ago, my husband shared with me an analogy of likening entrepreneurship to surfing. Nobody is able to surf a kahuna on their first time or it would kill us. Instead, we start on small waves and gradually work our way up until we have the skills to handle the bigger ways. So it is with entrepreneurship, always be practicing so that you’re ready when the big waves arrives.

Always be developing yourself. Entrepreneurs have to wear lots of different hats. The success that I’m currently experiencing is due to years of skills development and then being able to recognize and take advantage of an opportunity when presented.

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