Get crockpot-ready meals delivered right to your front door.

Get crockpot-ready meals delivered right to your front door.

Beehive Meals is a women-owned and operated business with the mission to make family dinner a priority by removing the busy work from the preparation.

They provide pre-assembled crockpot-ready freezer meals and deliver them straight to your front door. It's a no-contact service.

Allyse Jackson, CEO & Founder of Beehive Meals says they've thrived during the pandemic, and have even expanded to a second commercial kitchen with 40 employees.

Beehive Meals does it all for you -- they assemble the meals in a vacuum-packed container that comes with a label with instructions for cooking.

Allyse says the meals come in three sizes, 3-4 servings, 5-6 servings and 7-8 servings. All you do is cook them in the crockpot and dinner is served.

The menu rotates every month, so you'll never get tired of the same old, same old dinner! They have chicken, pork and beef dishes for a great variety.

She showed Big Budah two of the dishes, Butter Chicken and Chicken Alfredo.

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