Meet Our Support Team Supervisor: Jenelle Summerhays

Meet Our Support Team Supervisor: Jenelle Summerhays

We have so much going on at our Beehive Meals prep facility: food preparation, bagging, dishes, making sauces, labeling, getting food into the freezer—we’re tired just thinking about it. There’s no way we could handle all of these tasks on our own. We’re grateful for each and every employee and what they contribute to our Beehive Meals family. To take a look into that process, we’ve interviewed some of our Beehive Meals team members.

Q&A with Our Support Team Supervisor

This month, we pulled Jenelle Summerhays, our support team supervisor, to find out what it’s like to work with Beehive Meals. Her one year anniversary with us is coming up and we love her fresh perspective on our processes.

What do you do at Beehive Meals?
At Beehive Meals, we have different prep teams and a support team. The support team has many responsibilities including putting together spices and sauces, doing dishes, and making sure the prepped meals get put in the freezer. I am the Support Team Supervisor, so I help lead and guide my team to be safe, productive, and efficient throughout the day.

How’d you hear about Beehive Meals? 
My mother-in-law started purchasing meals from them and only had good things to say. When I found out they were based here in Davis County, Utah, I applied for a job!

What’s your favorite thing about working at Beehive Meals?
I love a lot of things about Beehive Meals, but I’d have to say my top three are: the people I work with, the safe environment, and the convenient work schedule. Honestly, I can’t think of a single thing I’d change!

Tell us about something that makes you laugh at work. 
Every Friday, we do “Fun Friday.” There’s always a theme with snacks, music, or even fun outfits. I love seeing other employees get excited to dress up and participate.

When it comes to Beehive Meals culture, what’s something you admire?
I love that Beehive Meals has a desire to make life easier for families of every size. By providing them with crockpot meals, we help set the stage for family dinners where everyone can be present and enjoy it.

I also love that we partner with other small, local businesses to help them grow.

Speaking of those small businesses, Jenelle wanted us to share a bit more about those partnerships. 

  • We’ve started working with CozySpoonfuls to offer a delicious and convenient macro-friendly Protein Ball treat—delivered straight to your doorstep with your Beehive Meals order (or separately if you want!). They arrive in sets of (4) 20-count containers, and they’re so delicious and nutritious. 
  • Our second partnership right now is with Dough Lady. You can now add a tin of four cinnamon rolls in three equally delicious flavors to your Beehive Meal order (or choose to order them separately if you just can’t wait!). You can choose traditional Cinnamon Rolls, Lemon Blueberry Rolls, or Brown Butter Chai Rolls. They’re so yummy, they melt in your mouth.

If someone told you they wanted to work for Beehive Meals, what would you say? 
I would say this has, hands down, been my favorite job ever. I know they would love it!

Thanks, Jenelle! We loved chatting with you about your experience here at Beehive Meals. You’re such a great addition to our team!

We are growing so fast, expanding into more states and growing within our own state of Utah, and we’d love to talk to you about working with us. Everyone here matters—from our support team like Jenelle, to our General Manager, Aubrey Christensen, to our founder, Allyse Jackson. We all have a Beehive Meals story to tell and it all weaves together to make our Beehive Meals Family.

If you’re ready to work for Beehive Meals and start your own story, apply today!

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