Working for Beehive Meals: With Natalie Inkley

Working for Beehive Meals: With Natalie Inkley

We take a lot of pride in our work environment. We prioritize family, life, and working hard. We like to have fun and give back to our community—we’re a family, really. If you’re curious about how things run here at Beehive Meals, you’re in for a treat: we’ve interviewed some of our Beehive Meals team members to find out what their experience is like working for us.

Today’s featured team member plays a vital role in our delivery process. She’s the reason we’re able to deliver so many meals to the many busy families who order from us every day. Meet Natalie Inkley, our Driver Support and the secret to successful, on-time deliveries at Beehive Meals!

Q&A with Our Driver Support, Natalie Inkley

What do you do at Beehive meals?

I'm our Driver Support at Beehive Meals! My day-to-day tasks consist of creating routes for each of the locations we deliver to and assisting our drivers when they are out delivering. During deliveries, drivers may need a gate code, help locating an address, or other various assistance. I am their go-to contact to resolve any issues.

What does the delivery route creation process look like?

To create the routes for a designated delivery day, I filter our open orders to add stops for a specific date. I track what inventory is needed to load onto the vans and verify each of our customers' shipping addresses by confirming our routing system has each stop pinned correctly for delivery. Once the routes have been made, I assign and dispatch one route to each of our drivers. By the morning of the delivery, routes are completely optimized and arranged in the most efficient way possible to ensure deliveries flow smoothly.

When you find yourself in the driver’s seat, what do you like to listen to? 

I prefer to listen to music, but as a full-time student and employee, I sometimes find myself needing more time in the day to accomplish everything! I often listen to recorded lectures in the car.

How did you hear about Beehive Meals?

I heard about Beehive Meals through my brother-in-law, who is the Distribution General Manager. I started working here as a production team member when I was in high school, then left the company when I graduated to start college in Salt Lake City. Now, I’ve found myself back here as the Driver Support just a few years later.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Beehive Meals?

My favorite thing about working at Beehive Meals is the culture. Our work environment is very inviting, inclusive, and fun. It's easy to work here because, as a team, everyone strives to do their best work. We have fun while working hard. As Beehive Meals continues to grow, it's very rewarding to know that you are contributing to the success of the company.

When it comes to Beehive Meals’ culture, what’s something you admire?

When it comes to the culture at Beehive Meals, I admire that there is an aspect of always looking to improve. There is a lot of opportunity for advancement, and the company continues to expand and grow as well. At the end of every week, I admire that our team highlights good things that happened throughout the week. We get to cheer for each other's wins and show our support for each other.

If someone told you they wanted to work for Beehive Meals, what would you say?

I would strongly encourage anyone to work for Beehive Meals! I truly believe that every position has great benefits and is vital to the success of the company. In addition, as Beehive Meals continues to grow, every position is growing as well — for the better.

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